I was born in tehran in 1355(1976), graphic high school diplomao

With the collapse of the socialist Russia, very cheap photographic equipment entered into market and street vendors in Iran. This was a trigger that I become a photographero

In 1374(1995) I attended College of Soureh to study Film Directing but I withdrew 3 years latero


In 1371(1992) beginning of photography and developing black & white negatives and pictures and after a while developing color russian slideso

 In 1381(2002) establishing a commercial photographic studio as well as occasional design of catalogues and brochure according to customer orderso

In 1389(2010) GOLDEN SPURES photo festival(Belgium)o

In 1392(2013) beginning of sculpturingo

In 1393(2014) El Argentino Photo Festival(Argentina) & membership of FIAP o

In 1394(2015) Second artist at Shiraz Small Sculptures Festivalo



www.hosseinjafarian.com   www.hosseinjafarian.ir   www.hosseinjafarian.blogspot.com


Photo Exhibition    (Sunflowers)   10/Mar/2017      1395/12/20


Sculpture Exhibition   (Stones) 25/Apr2017   1396//2/5


Photo Exhibition     (My lord,prosper people whose investments are nothing but you)  10/Jun/2017      1396/3/20


Sculpture Exhibition   (Hearts)  27/Jul/2017   1396/5/5


Photo Exhibition    (Keep me in your heart, my beautiful flower)  11/Sep/2017       1396/6/20


In  23/9/2017   8/10/2017 - 1396/6/1   1396/6/17 Group sculptures exhibition (IRANIAN ARTISTS FORUM -Momayez Gallery)


Online Solo Photo Exhibition  (A Tiny Sun)  1/Feb/2018      1396/11/12

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